Info on Han River

Chungju multipurpose dam is the largest water project in Korea. It was constructed in the South Han river that meanders through the central region of the Korean peninsula. Main purpose of this project was to ensure the effective utilization of water resources through water supply, electrical energy production, and reduction of flood damages in downstream areas. Dam was completed in 1986. It stands 319.8 feet high and is 1521 feet long. It is the largest concrete gravity Dam in Korea. It has the largest hydropower plant in Korea with the installed capacity of 400 Mega Watts. It is 12.25 miles downstream from the main dam. A re-regulation dam was constructed in order to regulate the flow discharged for the peak energy generation from the upstreamhydropower plant with the capacity of 12 Mega Watts. To complete the project, it took seven and a half years. It started in June 1978 and was completed in Dec 1985. The Dam has significantly contributed to reduction of flood damages to the downstream areas including the metropolitancity. It made it possible to develop the frequently inundated area near the Han river like freeways inside the river banks. It also supplies 3,380 million tons of water annually for municipal, industrial, irrigation and low flow augmentation in the metropolitan areas of Seoul and surrounding cities. In addition, the Dam creates a40 mile long water course for the boat trip to Tanyangarea, which contributes to the development of sightseeing resources in this country.

Han River runs through Seoul and divides the city into its northern and southern region. In Korea’s history, this river has played an important role in the development of the capital city. In current times, this river serves as a place of escape,where people can go in order to enjoy the weather, have a nice walk, or indulge in a cruise. Along the 26 mile river, there are many parks where people can participate in soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, water skiing, yachting, boating, and fishing. The depth of the water averages 8 feet and its width averages 574 feet. The Han River Pleasure Boat takes people on a cruise along the river; visiting historic sites as well as picturesque views. The boat can be accessed at four different locations: Yoido, Chamsil, Dooksum, and Yanghwa. The boat is also quite a sight to see at nighttime when its lights are turned on to illuminate the river beneath it.

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