Mt. Daedun (Daedunsan)

Mt. Daedun displays nuanced tastes and beauty as the seasons turn, with fantastic rocks and deep valleys leading profound splendor to the entire mountain. The mountain has a nickname, "Little Diamond Mountain in the Joella Region", for its fantastic rocks near its summit that look similar to the peak of Mt. Geumgang, the original diamond mountain. With fantastic and curious looking rocks and stones, Mt. Daedun was designated a provincial park in 1980. Many hikers feel like quitting in md-stride during the tough hike because of the steep rocky paths and the rough uphill grade. Never give up! You can still enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountain without having to hike the steep paths.

There are cable car services running from the foot of Mt. Daedun to the summit. You may feel as if you are looking as well sculpted grandiose artworks sitting atop each peak. A 10 minute walk from the cable car terminal will lead you to the Geumgang Girder Bridge, a must see in the Mt. Daedun area. The steel structured bridge hangs in the air between "Imgeun" (King) and "Ipseokdae" (stone wall) Rock. It spans 164 feet between these two rocks. While walking on the bridge, you may be frightened out of your wits when the bridge rolls or pitches, but you will still enjoy the magnificent beauty of the rocky peaks and the mountainous range down below.

Five minutes after crossing Geumgang Girder Bridge, you will reach a haxagon pavillion, beside which stands Mt. Daedun's most famous spot, a 262 feet high steel stairway. If you are faint-hearted, you may want to take a roundabout route. But it is worth climbing up the stairway, which consists of a total of 127 stairs. The stairway is so steep that nobody is allowed to climb down. Standing high above the stairway is a tall stone tower on the summit. It takes about an hour and 20 minutes from the cable car platform on the ground to reach the summit. The paths to the summit are composed of a steel stairway and stone stairs. If you are not a very young child, you can hike up to the summit with ease from this point. The difficulty of the hike is rated a 4 if you take the cable car and a 5 if not riding the cable car (rated from 1-easy to 5-difficult).

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