Info on Haengju Fortress

Haengju Fortress is located in the far eastern of Seoul, just across the Han River from Gimpo International Airport. Haengju hosted one of the bloodliest battles during the japanese invasion of 1592. After Seoul fell to the Japanese, General Kwon Yul led a small army of 2,300 to this fortress with the intent of recapturing the capital. Among them was a contingent of monks led by Monk Choyoung. The battle at Haengju Mountain Fortress is considered to be one of the three monst influential victories against the Japanese aggressors. After the war ended in 1602, the government built a monument on the summit. Both were destroyed during the Korean War.

The monument was rebuilt during the 1960's. During that time, the area was landscaped to form a park, the Ch'ungjang-sa Shrine was built to house Gen. Kwon's portrait. A memorial hall was added to the area further landscaped in the 1970's. Today, the area forms a lovely park, nestled in the hills overlooking the Han River. It includes a small museum with replicas of the weopons used during the battle. It is unfortunate that urban sprawl and noise from several nearby major roads dimish the sereness of the park.

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