Info on Seoul City

Seoul is a city of infinite discoveries. The ancient capital of an ancient land, Seoul is a city where the traditional and the cutting-edge exist side-by-side in perfect harmony. It’s a dynamic city that never sleeps, and the list of things to do is endless, from sampling the outstanding cuisine served in the city’s excellent restaurants to climbing the rock faces that overlook the city. Come to Seoul, and learn why so many travelers fall in love with this fast-paced but relaxing city.

Seoul Tower, a landmark of the metropolitan city of Seoul provides fun and excitement. It is viewable from anywhere in Seoul and serves as an excellent landmark. A 859 foot peak in NamsanPark, the tower reaches to 1574 feet above sea level. When weather and pollution levels cooperate, visiting the observation tower (1213 feet above sea level) allows you to viewthe entire city and surrounding areas. Because of the great view, many people enjoy climbing up here for early morning exercise or for a romantic stroll after dark.From the highest point, Seoul Tower has embraced the city for 25years giving memories and stories. In 2005, Seoul Tower was reopened as N Seoul Tower. Many citizens and foreign tourists have visited the Tower and have taken scenic views of the city while also enjoying the nature of Namsan mountain. The tower’s unique structure and observatory section offers versatile views as the seasons change the appearance of Namsan. Adding to the colorful scenery of the mountain. Seoul Tower was renovated in 2005 with newly designedhigh-tech multi media. Seoul Tower now provides a new cultural space in the center of the city. You will have an unforgettable experience at N Seoul Tower, the best place to view the city, with its convenient facilities and beautiful surroundings.

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