About Me

My Name is Larry Adams A.K.A. Zephyr, born in 81. I am currently enlisted in the United States Air Force. I joined in July of 1999 and have decided to make it a career. My previous specialty was a Periodic Maintenance Technician on our nation's Minuteman & Peacekeeper missile systems. I have since retrained into Communications where I set-up and maintain telephones and internet at any location. I have been stationed in Texas & California (both for training), Wyoming (where I was a missileer), Robins AFB, GA (a combat communications unit) and my latest assignment at Osan, AB - South Korea (where I will will working fixed communications) in 2008-2009. I should be heading to Yakota, Japan in 2009 for several years.

I have many hobbies - working with computers, hiking, camping, supporting wildlife conservation agencies, coin-collecting, skydiving, storm chasing and phography being the most dominant of them. It's difficult at times to leverage my time between them all.

Well that's all very well, but what about your photography? How? when? where? why? : Well... Let me explain!

A Pic of me

I suppose alot of my desire to take pictures comes from my original interest in storm chasing. I just like the way that, through photography, you can say so many different things using the same subject depending on how you choose to shoot it. I suppose there is also a part of me that does enjoy the fact that I know that my pictures are bringing enjoyment to other people when they view them - which is one of the main reasons I set up this site. My prime objective when taking pictures is purely for enjoyment for myself at the moment though...

My first camera was a Nikon FM-10 Film camera which I purchased in 2000 for storm chasing. I shot some of my best lightning photos with that camera. I noticed though, when I went to Yellowstone in the spring of 2004, after shooting 25 rolls of film that it was time to upgrade to a digital camera to save some money on developing. Shortly after that trip, I decided on a Nikon D70 digital camera. I liked how I could take pictures and put them right on my computer and see them straight away...none of this waiting about for processing like with holiday photographs etc. I originally had the standard lens of 35mm-70mm but as the bug was firmly growing on me, I upgraded to a 18mm-200mm to give me a wider range. I also bought a 100mm-400mm AF as well as a 650mm-1300mm MF lens for nature photography. I still enjoyed using a film camera, however, to shoot lightning shots, so I also purchased the Nikon F100 - which is a HUGE upgrade to my previous film camera. Here in 2008, I feel I need to have another upgrade; I think I am set on the Nikon D3 which would be a vast improvement from the camera body that I have right now. Since it was a four year wait to upgrade the first time, I need to find a replacement that will hold me for three to four more years. Of course, finances are always a factor in how often I am able to upgrade anyways.

Between sharing my photography and trying to expand my knowledge of the world around me, I enjoy researching all sorts of information to try and stay current. I also enjoy traveling and exploring remote areas, specifically within the borders of Oklahoma & Texas as well as Colorodo & Wyoming. Photography is interesting. It is often being classified as the "easiest" of the fine arts yet still arguably as emotionally powerful as painting & sculpting. There is something undefinable about the way a simple photograph can evoke a plethora of emotions from the viewer. Eyes are said to be the window to the soul and a single photograph has the ability to prop that window open permanently allowing great grand children, decades later, to see into their ancestors' eyes and make a connection that is completely different than that of written or spoken family lore. The more time I spend photographing the world around me, the more I find each moment in time is very unique. I spend my time capturing the moment as it presents itself. There is no judgment, the moment just is what it is. I have no formal training in photography. I wouldn't consider my equipment "professional" or top grade equipment & I haven't even been in a dark room. But of all my hobbies I have started thus far, this is my longest running one yet. As fustrating as it is sometimes, I'm not sure what makes me so patient and easy going. So here we are... Spring/Summer 2008... and the saga continues...

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