6 July 2010

Another long while since my last update, I'm currently in Okinawa, Japan and have only done a small share of traveling since I have been here. The weather here is always raining and now it seems to be a scorcher outside everyday. I have a gang of places I plan to visit while here and so far only 4 places checked. Most of the places here are in Ruins because of past wars but still worth visiting if only for the scenic view and getting outdoors. We found our way to two Castle Ruin sites (Chibana and Katsuren). Chibana was only a monument marker for where the castle stood centeries ago but Katsuren was a bit larger in scale. At the Southeast Botanical Gardens, the site is split into an aquatic garden and a botanical garden. The garden was aleady in bloom for the summer and the cool breeze was appreciated throughout the day. Banana spiders where at every corner of the garden so we heeded caution where we placed ot hands. We also spent a few hours at the world second largest aquarium, the Charaumi Aquarium and Expo Park. You could easily spend all day visiting the park to see the Okinawan Village, Museum, Tropical Center and Subtropical Arboretum and of course the aquarium itself. Because the aquarium is indoors and mostly dark, pictures don't turn out as expected so we just enjoyed looking around. That pretty much sums up this months update!! L8R Thanks for visiting zephyrspix.com.

8 July 2009

I have been sitting on this update for over a month now waiting on all the sets of pictures. My wife and I got married as planned on the 24th of May. We went to Jeju Island just off the southern coast of Korea for nearly a week on our honeymoon. We stayed at the best hotel on the island with the ocean/garden view. The dinenrs were costing nearly 90 bucks a person, but it was well worth the high class wine & dine experience. The air surrounding the hotel was so clean and luxurious that it added a sense of serenity making for a relaxing stay. Around the island, we went to a couple of museums (glass museum, africa museum), visited a minuture theme park and also took a submarine tour which was pretty neat. However, for the most part we just wanted to get away from home for a couple of days and just relax. When it was time to go back home, we regretted not staying a few more weeks...yes, weeks. I included both the wedding and honeymoon galleries. Also, back on the 11th of May, we had our Wedding Studio Shoot with some awesome shots of us...very professional and well worth the 1500 bucks that it cost. We are considering a similar package every year for the annual family shoot. That pretty much sums up this months update!! L8R Thanks for visiting zephyrspix.com.

11 April 2009

Looks like I have some time to surface from my 5 month reprieve to issue out this months edition of photos from Korea. Not much has changed in the past few months; well, actually - I am engaged now with a wedding date the 24th of May - that much is news since October. More to come on that with a gallery of the wedding photos and another afterwords of the honeymoon. We have yet to decide on the location; China, Philippines, Hong-Kong, Australia or Switzerland for roughly 10 days. As far as this months gallery, my mom found her way to Korea for a week, about 90 or so photos from her stay, shots from Jongmyo Shrine, Coex Mall, Korean Folk Village and a few of my fiance'. With my wedding date just around the corner, Not sure how much time I will have to fit in a few photo shoots before then - I always just play it by ear. My box is always open for replies with how things are going in your neck of the woods. Probably not as exciting as mine right now, nonetheless, I still enjoy hearing about it. That's it til next update!! L8R Thanks for visiting zephyrspix.com.

27 October 2008

Just 98 photos in this months edition. I have not had much time this month to get out, partly cus I found a new interest that is a bit more enjoyable than my photography gig...but that...that's another story in itself. ;) As far as this month's 'life in korea' update; visited another temple with a magnificent 50 foot tall buddha staute overlooking west Cheonan. While in Cheonan this month, I attended the annual Cheonan Heungtaryeong Dance Festival which brought singing and dancing from cultures around the world. This was a two day event and proved to be a most excellent weekend venture. Last weekend, I went to Mt. Daedun on a hike which was a smidgen more difficult than I thought it would be. It took about two hours to hike to the top and there was never a time that it was steep and rocky. However, the scenic views from the top were worth the effort and the autumn colors just set off the gorgeous landscape. It is one of the most difficult hikes in south korea ranking a 5 of 5. With this being hiking season, there are scheduled hikes every saturday at a different location which I plan on attending most of them.

On Sunday, Eunae and I visited the E-mart in Pyeongtaek; the e-mart is similar to a wal-mart in the states but priced a bit higher. It's a 3 story store with escaltors specially designed to take your carts to the different floors. The first floor is mostly groceries, 2nd mostly clothes & toys and the 3rd is electronics. I was fairly facinated by the unique steering capability of the shopping carts, without any restrictions, 360 degree steering. I am easily ammused. I'm not sure whats planned for the next few weeks; I am playing each day by ear right now - Stay tuned. That's it til next update!! L8R Thanks for visiting zephyrspix.com.

26 September 2008

Another update of 208 photos. Last weekend, we visited the Cheonan Grape Farm & Winery. The grapes were as huge globe grapes, seeded of course. We were able to make our own wine at the winery; picking & pulverizing the grapes, adding the sugar & yeast and starting the clock. You have to let the contents sit for 20 days and removing the pulp, placing in an airtite container and sit for another 3 months before you can drink it. I hope it tastes alot better than it smells right now. We then went to the Cheonan Temple for the rest of the weekend. They taught us how to make lotus lanterns, we participated in the tea ceremony and morning worship ceremony at 0430. We learned that everything you do is meditation and we practiced it; sitting meditation, eating meditation, walking meditation, bowing meditation, hiking meditation, etc.

We also learned that there is an entire process you must do before you can eat. You can only have 4 bowls which have to be placed in a particular order; ones for rice, ones for side dish, ones for soup ones for clean water. Whatever you have in your bowls has to be eaten or you will be banned from the temple. The spoon and chop sticks start in the bowl for clean water. Once you remove them and use them, they cannot return to that bowl. Nothing can enter the rice bowl but one piece of radish, later used to clean the bowls and your spoon. Once you are done eating, you place both your chop sticks and the spoon in the soup bowl to signal your finished. Once ev'ryone is finished, you pour the clean water into the rice bowl where the piece of radish is. Using your chop sticks, you clean the rice bowl with the radish; when done, you pour the water into the side dish bowl and repeat the process, then to the soup bowl and repeat again. Once the soup bowl is clean, you use the radish and clean the poon and chop sticks and drink the water that is in the soup bowl and eat the radish. Then you start the process to dry your bowls and wrap them up with the cloth. It is a VERY tedious process. The monks spend 10 day just learning that process; if you do it incorrectly, you don't eat. I might be going to a different temple stay next month - I hear its half temple stay and have farm stay, which will be interesting. We visited the Wyeamri Folk Village on the way home Sunday, enjoyed the Folk Music, traditions and culture. This weekend is kinda slow for me as I prepare for my Sociology midterm on Tuesday. That's it til next update!! L8R Thanks for visiting zephyrspix.com.

15 September 2008

Just a fairly small gallery this week - 128 pictures. It's Chuseuk this weekend which is Korean Thanksgiving Day, so everything is closed and no tours are running. I decided to take the subway to Seoul by myself without a tour guide which was interesting. I can probably definately save some money using the subway instead of the ITT tours every weekend. A 90 minute ride to Seoul was less than 2 bucks as opposed to an ITT bus ride for 20. I managed to find 2 palaces and a museum. One of the palaces (Gyeongbokgung) was like the Arlington Cemetary in that they conducted the formal changing of the gaurd for the entrance. With it being a holiday, it was not as crowded as most any other day. And the Coex Mall which is the largest underground mall in Asia had a preety neat Aquarium. I was facinated with the twin heads turtle they had.

So, I have released the newest revision of the flash gallery. You can save images by simply left-clicking on the image. You can click the play button to start a automatic slideshow. You can also click on the first button to view the photo gallery at full screen. There should be very few bugs that need to be worked out. I have spent most of the weekend tuning the pages. Next week, I am spending the entire weekend at the Choenun Temple with the Monks to share a day in their shoes. I should get some pretty cool pix there. That's it til next update!! L8R Thanks for visiting zephyrspix.com.

3 September 2008

Well, Last week in Korea, we took a 2 hour cruise on Han River, Saw more of Insadong and Danyang and went on a 2 hour self-guided tour through Kosu Cave. The cave was pretty neat with a very cool damp breeze and very tight places - not much to photogaph. We stopped at Danyang briefly to view the popular 3 peaks and the stone gate. By far though, the boat ride made last weekend totally worthwhile. The breeze was great, it wasn't crowded, the sky was half and half with no looks of rain. The tour guide said it was the best day for a cruise that she has ever had. It was quite peaceful and serene, totally worth going on again which I will shortly. This week, I went to see another stage show called Nanta - a mix of korean martial arts with cooking. They were tossing food from the spatual to the pan, from one side of the stage to the other adding a bit of comical acting and pulling people up on the stage to make a fool out themselves - well, not really. We also visited two museums and two temples. As always, I enjoyed the temple tours - each temple has its slightly different style even though, from a distance, they all look the same. Nothing better to end a somewhat exhausting three-day schedule of tours and hiking than a 5 hour visit to the Castle Spa. The Castle Spa has over a dozen different variations of indoor and outdoor spas and massage therapy rooms. The water is warmed naturally by the hot spring - some spas up to 51 degrees Celcius (BTW, that was hot). Just over 200 pictures posted for both this and last weekend. Next weekend, another temple, a tomb and the war memorial. Thanks for visiting zephyrspix.com.

22 August 2008

So, its been a minute since I uploaded a new collection; Well...here it is...the first batch of pictures that I promised. I expect many more during the next 11 months here in Korea to follow with pix from Japan. There's not too much to say that the pictures haven't said already. I visited a few fortress', temples, palaces and even went whitewater rafting - which I might add that we managed to flip the raft while shuffling down the rapids. If you haven't already, join the mailing list and recieve an email when the galleries are updated. The sights that I have seen here in Korea are magnificent and worth sharing. I have plenty more on my calendar for the next two months, so stay tuned. Thanks for visiting zephyrspix.com.

6 June 2008

Looks like I finally have my wedding shoot on-line this week. It was just a small wedding for such a big event. Although, I am kicking myself for some of the shots indoors and in the shaded area; With a slight setting change of the flash to rear-flash, I could have improved the shots I had. I also added a few shots to other misc. categories as well as some shots I took out in the field this week - its easiest to just view the update gallery for 6Jun08 (page 1 & Page 2). I don't have much planned for the next three weeks in the way of new collections, but then again...you know me, I'll find something. Well, this is a quick and painless update this time...wish they were all this way. Less than 50 days til I am leave for Korea, woohoo. Thanks for visiting zephyrspix.com.

23 May 2008

Well, So I finally have the newest galleries on-line. We decided to make a second visit to Disney World. About 4 days and 2200 pictures later, I believe ev'ryone was feeling the need for a vacation from the vacation. This collection was overwhelming at first, but I ended up keeping about 1600 of the initial 2200 shot, of which about 700 have been added to on-line galleries. That brought the Disney World 2008 collection up to over 800, so I created sub-galleries for easier viewing. I was impressed with many of the shots that I took. On the third day, I was a bit worried because the mirror was locking up when the shutter was released. I don't know what caused this fluke - but it resolved itself; I need to get it checked out this month as a precautionary measure. Let's see, I also added about 150 other misc pix shot; Last pix from Iraq, Some pix from work & the start of my skydiving pix collection. I will be adding the video for my first skydive to the site shortly. I have my next wedding shoot this weekend, so it should turn out some amazing pictures...stay tuned! That's all for new pictures to the site, I also added a new page called 'about me' (not that many of you don't already know me). I will say, that I actually like the self-portrait of me that I placed on that page which is unusual of me to say. That sums up this update. Whenever I get behind and think I am caught up, I know I am behind again. I just have a few more pics to go thru this month to get caught up. Only about 70+ days til I am leave for Korea, woohoo. Thanks for visiting zephyrspix.com.

1 April 2008

Just a quick update, my squadron had a booster club event and looks like I am in charge of the photography for the day. We had a couple of paintball tournaments, our picnic and then the pie-in-the-face event. I ended up a combat photographer during the paintball tournament, trying to grab a few shots without getting shot myself. In the end, I was shot by my team once, the opponents team once and the camera took one as well. The good thing is, I am the owner of Nikon products, so I knew it could handle being shot with a paintball but I wouldn't want it to get shot again, lol. Well, that about does this update, about 75+ pix, oh and about 85+ days til I am leaving for Korea, woohoo. Thanks for visiting zephyrspix.com.

19 Febuary 2008

Wassup!! Well, I managed to narrow my Disney World pictures from 800 down to just under 200. Check out the new category of pictures. All I can say is, I totally know where I am taking my kids every year for our summer vacation. If you have ever been there, you would know it is totally worth it; It was my first time visiting DW. It might be kinda slow on the updates for the next couple months as I prepare to leave the states for Korea, so just keep checking back. Thanks for visiting zephyrspix.com.

14 Febuary 2008

Well, ev'ryone. The transisition to the new site is complete now. All links have been verified and all pix have been transfered successfully. I will be uploading the final batch of pix from Iraq later. I spent part of my R & R time with my family at Disney World for three days, so needless to say, I have nearly 800 pix to sort thru for the site. Stay tuned!!! I see today is Valentines Day. Here's a big shout out to a special lady - you know who you are - HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, MUAAAHHH. N-E-way, guess that's all for this update. Check back to see the newest additions to my portfolio. Thanks for visiting zephyrspix.com.

17 January 2008

78 new 'muy excelente' pictures have been added this week; probably the last big batch til I come home for a couple of months and prepare for my Korea assignment. I am still working on the transition from my old host to this one, so bear with me. Thanks for visiting zephyrspix.com.

25 December 2007

Whassup ev'ryone. Yeah, I am working christmas day so ev'ryone else can have the day off. I don't have many pictures to add this week, just a few holiday pix and pix of friends. Not too much else to say, I died get a chance to briefly see one the palces this week - Al-Faw Palace. Hopefully, I can have a more thorough tour after the new year and maybe get a few more pictures of the palace. Well, that's all I have to add. Thanks for visiting Elite Storm Chasers.com.

11 December 2007

I have just under 100 pictures to the Iraq section since my last upload. Now that I am working with Public Affairs, I have had the opportunity to help out with local events like the Sather Idol (like the American Idol) and the Sather Cup, which was an all day Soccer Tournament with a total of 10 games. I was only able to cover 7 of them but proved some well shot photos, I think. I have a couple more events lined up on the calender, so look forward to additional photos later this month. Thanks for visiting Elite Storm Chasers.com.

28 November 2007

I have added over 100 pictures to the Iraq section since last month. I have enrolled in a Salsa class here, so I am taking pictures from there as well. I am now working with Public Affairs and will be taking pictures around Sather from events and going-ons as well. I will make every attempt to keep the updates more frequent. Again, I hope you enjoy the newest pictures to the site as well as the site enhancements. Thanks for visiting Elite Storm Chasers.com.

28 October 2007

I have made some major improvements to the gallery section of the site using a layout from Simple Viewer. I don't think many will have compatibility issues. You can click on the left or right arrow of the displayed picture to move forward or backwards. You can also use the scrolling wheel on your mouse to scroll the pictures in the gallery. I have also added blurps on many more of the pictures. I have also added several more categories of pictures that I have just not got around to adding in the past. I am currently deployed to Iraq, so there is a brand new category for pix that I have shot over here. There's alot over here that I am not able to take pictures of for security reasons, but the ones I have been able to shoot came out pretty descent. I still have 3 more months here, so I plan on expanding the Iraq section. That about sums up this update session. Again, I hope you enjoy the newest pictures to the site as well as the site enhancements. Once again thanks for visiting Elite Storm Chasers.com.

13 October 2006

I added a few pictures to the misc-friends, special events as well as fixed a handfull of bad links in the picture categories. I have started to add info to the pix. I also had to adjust the dimensions on a few of the newly uploaded pix. I am currently back at Sheppard (Wichita Falls, TX), so I will have a few more to add to that category when I get back. I have also bought a few more pieces of camera equipment. I hope you enjoy the newest pictures to the site and once again thanks for visiting Elite Storm Chasers.com.

14 September 2006

Well, I could say how busy I have been for the last... Whoa... heh... 18 months but you get the idea from previous entries. I will apoligize up front for length of time since the last update. Anyway, on to the update info. I have changed the look of the site, again. I decided to take off the thumbnail / list. I would add a message board to allow visitors to comment on if they liked or didn't care for the feature but I'm fed up with junk on my msg boards. I guess in the mean time, if you actually liked that feature and would like it back - you could send me a courtesy email, and I'll add it back. I also re-categorized the pictures. I had to sort thru about 1500 newly taken pictures to filter the better ones to upload. I narrowed it down to just above 200 or so. Don't quote me - but I am trying to add some info on the pictures themselves. I think that sums it up. I'm still tweaking it this week some. I hope you enjoy the new selection of pix and once again thanks for visiting Elite Storm Chasers.com.

28 March 2005

I have been so busy lately with my classes that I haven't been able to really do anything with the site. I have added 2 separate links on the pictures page to allow you to choose between viewing the photos as either thumbnails or a list for those of you with fairly slow internet connections. BTW, I have finally gone digital. I went and spent the well of $3,000 on digital camera equipment. I will now be using a Nikon D70 with an 18-80mm, 100-400mm and a 650-1300mm lens for shooting. I finish with my classes early May and I plan to go back to my favorite wolf preservation with my new equipment and hopefully turn out a new breed of pictures (at least for me). Shortly thereafter, expect to see a flood of new pictures. We'll see how that goes then. Check back later for updates and Thanks for visiting ELITE STORM CHASERS.COM

4 January 2005

Wow, It has finally happened. My sub-domain server has finally gone 6 feet under. As you can see, I have now upgraded to an actual .com. The site should be fully operational as of today. I am still in the process of transferring everything over to this new site. If you find any errors on this site, PLEASE let me know via email so that I can start improving the site faster. Anyway, Thanx for checking out ELITE STORM CHASERS.COM and hope you have a nice stay.

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