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Joe (Master) Girardi:President

Hello, My name is Joseph E Girardi II, A.K.A. Master, stemming from my strong interest in chess and one I am rather good at. Even though I'm not a master yet, I hope to be one in the next couple of years.

I am married with a 5 year old son. My beautiful wife Tiffany and I have been together for 9 years and married almost 7 years. My adorable son's name is Joseph E Girardi III ( joey ).

I am in the United States Air Force as a Missile Maintenance Technician. I have been in for 5 years with 1 to go and hope to make it a career.

I began storm chasing shortly after my arrival here in Cheyenne Wyoming. I've been interested in storm chasing since I was 11 and someday hope to be a licensed professional. I am the president of Elite Storm Chasers with Larry (Zephyr) Adams as vice president, and my wife Tiffany as the treasurer. Soon we hope to get our non profit license and get our really good equipment.

Another one of my hobbies is breeding Bettas. I began breeding Bettas last year and have a couple of spawns going right now. Wish me luck as I dive into this new and fascinating hobby. Currently I'm working on the mustard gas to mustard gas lines, as well as black-orange sun-salamander to mustard gas lines, and finally bicolor to black-orange sun-salamander all of which are crowntails and deltas. I am also working on my website on everything you want to know about breeding Bettas. You can find my web site at Specialty Bettas. If you are at all interested in Bettas, or Siamese Fighting Fish, don't hesitate to visit my site.

I hope you enjoyed Larry's great site and hope our site will help you understand the weather better. Remember, storm chasing is very dangerous and should only be done by experienced storm chasers.

Larry (Zephyr) Adams:Vice President

My Name is Larry Adams A.K.A. Zephyr, born in 81. I am currently enlisted in the United States Air Force. I joined in July of 1999 and have decided to make it a career. My previous specialty was a Periodic Maintenance Technician on our nation's Minuteman & Peacekeeper missile systems. I have since retrained into Communications where I set-up and maintain telephones and internet at any location. I have been stationed in Texas & California (both for training), Wyoming (where I was a missileer), Robins AFB, GA (a combat communications unit) and my latest assignment at Osan, AB - South Korea (where I will will working fixed communications) in 2008-2009. I should be heading to Yakota, Japan in 2009 for several years.

Since my assignment in Wyoming, I picked up several hobbies. My primary hobby being photography. I am also involved in Wildlife Conservation. I do a lot of volunteer work at a wolf preservation just 50 miles west of Pueblo, CO. Storm Chasing used to be my number 1 hobby, but my current location places that on hold until further notice. But don't get me wrong, It was fun while it lasted. One of my best friends and chase partner, Joe Girardi, brought up the idea of storm chasing when I was first stationed in WY. I had always had an interest in the weather and nature. I lived in GA when I was younger amd there are a lot of T-Storms in the summer. Every time I was awakened at night by the clash of the thunder and the light from the lightning flickering on my bedroom walls, I would stay awake and watch the storm until it started to die out. I never expected to carry my interest to a level such as storm chasing though. That's why I got more involved in photography. Storm Chasing allows you to deal with some of the most spectacular performances of nature and to capture a piece of it on still pictures which is a great feeling.

I am currently sponsoring a wolf at the wolf refuge, Mission:Wolf, in Silver Cliffs, Colorado. Ever since my involvement with the refuge, I have grown closer to nature, wildlife and its preservation. As I no longer live in the vicinity on the refuge, I can only support them with my annual financial contributions. I dearly miss helping them to ease the work load, improving the living conditions for all of their canine guests. As a matter of fact, it has influenced myself to possibly take Forestry classes in order to be a park ranger and/or work at a preservation such as Mission:Wolf or Yellowstone National Park. In addition to forestry, I am planning on taking a meteorology class's & photography classes. Lately, I have found a surge of intrest in Pshycology & Sociology though. I believe I am at another point where I will start pursuing my degree, hopefully I will be fully decided on my major by then.